Provide youth sports for children in Central Virginia between age 4 and 18.
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Our coaches are volunteers and generally parents of players.
Practices are scheduled based on field and coach availability.
Games are generally on Saturdays. Occassionally, we must play a weeknight game due to field/scheduling constraints.

Our teams played on these BRYA fields

• U6 teams typically play in front of the Ruritan Building along Coffee Road (#6A/B).
• U8 teams typically play in back of the Ruritan Building (#5A/B).
• U10 teams play in back of the Ruritan Building, behind the batting cage (#5A/B).
• U12 teams play on the "big" lower field on the left side of the driveway as you enter the complex.



U6 Soccer


  • Throw-in: Children should know to stand with their feet still and throw the ball in over their head.
  • Passing:  Pass with the inside of their foot.  Work on this and most will be doing it by season end!
  • Kicks:  Most will kick with their toe but the correct way should be attempted in practice.
  • Most seasons the coaches agree to play with no goalie.
  • This will be like herding cats.  Not all the children will care to chase the ball!
  • No hand balls.
  • Game information:
    • 4 - 6 Minute Quarters
    • 2 Minute break between quarters 1-2 & 3-4
    • 5 minute break at half
    • 3v3
    • Ball size - 3

U8 Soccer


  • Throw-in: Most children should know how to take a single step and drag the trailing foot by graduating from U8.
  • Kicks:  Most children should kick with their laces.  Please stress and practice this otherwise by U10 these bad habits are very difficult to break.
  • Goalies will always be played in games.
  • Children should learn where each position is played:  Forward, Half-back, Full-back, Goalie.
  • No hand balls.
  • Some seasons there will be away games.  If BRYA has an abundance of teams, we have played all home games.  Playing an outside team or two helps the children and parents learn how competitive U8 soccer can be by this age.
  • Game information:
    • 4 - 12 Minute Quarters
    • 2 Minute break between quarters 1-2 & 3-4
    • 5 minute break at half
    • 4v4 or 5v5
    • Ball size – 3

U10 Soccer


U12 Soccer

• Play teams inside and outside of Bedford County (ex: Appomattox).
• 8 vs 8 compete during two 30 minute halves.
• Off-sides is called & referees are on the field.
• Size 4 soccer ball.
• One attempt on a throw-in.

4-Year Old Participation:

At the April, 2006 Association Supervisor's meeting, 4-year old participation was discussed.  It was determined that 4-year olds will be permitted to participate in soccer only, beginning with the 2006 Fall Soccer Season.
In addition, for any 4-year old that participates, their parent/guardian must be present at all times during any games and practices.