Provide youth sports for children in Central Virginia between age 4 and 18.
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Here are general guidelines for the location, days, and starting months for basketball events for all of the divisions of BRYA.


  • This information can change depending on the number of teams in each division, the number of divisions, block out dates, cancellations, and other events that take precedence.
  • If school is cancelled due to inclement weather on a Friday, all basketball events scheduled for that Friday and Saturday will be cancelled.
                  DRAFTS     PRACTICES               GAMES  
5-6 YO      N/A       N/A           N/A   Jan     BNES         WN & Sat Jan      BNES       Sat     
7-8 YO N/A N/A N/A Dec BNES WN & Sat Jan  BNES Sat
9-10 YO Nov TJ T / Th   Dec BNES WN & Sat Jan BNES / Other Sat
11-12 YO Nov TJ T / Th Dec TJ WN & Sat Jan TJ / Other Sat
13-14 YO Nov TJ T / Th Dec TJ WN & Sat Jan TJ / Other Sat
15-18 YO Nov TJ T / Th Dec TJ WN & Sat Jan TJ / Other Sat

Nov = 1 or 2 weeks before Thanksgiving
Dec = 1st week in December
Jan = 1st weekend in January
T / Th = Tuesday / Thursday
BNES = Boonsboro Elementary School
TJ = Thomas Jefferson Elementary School
Other = Other Elementary Schools in Bedford County
WN = Weekday nights